Steve Wilson authored five books. Learn more here.

Art + Science Now!
A visual survey of artists working at the frontiers of science and technology. Focus on work since 2000. Covers artistic experimentation in fields such as biology, ecology, medical research, physics, geology, robotics, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, information visualization, and body sensing computer interfaces. 200+ pages ~270 color illustrations.

Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology
Information Arts offers one of the only comprehensive international surveys of artists working at the frontiers of scientific inquiry and emerging technologies. Its goal is to describe this art, explore its theoretical rationales, and alert readers to possible future directions. It is also one of the only sources available that reviews cutting edge techno-scientific research in a way accessible to those without extensive technical backgrounds. It will be of interest to artists, art historians, electronic media designers, technologists, scientists, researchers, and more general audiences interested in the future of research that will have significant impact on the culture.

A hands-on guide to creation of Web sites with a focus on expanded design.

Multimedia Design with HyperCard is a new kind of book focusing specifically on HyperCard's interactive multimedia potential. Stressing the pserspectives of art and deisgn, it teaches readers to program interactive image, text, and sound events. It uses a highly illustrated, step-by-step approach to help readers with all kinds of skill levels to become competent at scripting HyperCard at its most advanced level.

Using Computers to Create Art is a unique kind of book that combines hands-on instruction with technical explanations and aesthetics. Theoretical chapters review the history and future prospects of artisitc involvement with computers and detail principles of electronic hardware and computer software programming. Hands-on chapters, applicable to a wide range of microcomputters, teach BASIC at a level sufficient for you to accomplish desired effects and explain how to work with computers to create sound or image art. The book explains the electronics of computers in a style uniquely suited to humanistically oriented readers.